What to Expect at Your Subaru Crosstrek’s 100,000 Mile Service

Subaru Crosstrek 100,000 Mile Service is a comprehensive service plan designed to keep your vehicle running at its peak performance. It includes a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and electrical components. The service also includes a complete oil change and oil filter replacement, as well as the replacement of fluids, belts and hoses. Other services may include spark plug replacement and a brake system flush. Once completed, the service will help ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and will help prolong its life.

What is a Subaru Crosstrek?

The Subaru Crosstrek is a compact SUV from the Japanese automaker Subaru. It is based on the Impreza platform and was first introduced in 2012. The Crosstrek features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, and an exterior that’s rugged yet stylish. It offers room for up to five passengers, as well as plenty of cargo space. It’s a great option for those who want an SUV with lots of capability but don’t want to sacrifice fuel economy or comfort.

What is a 100,000 Mile Service?

A 100,000 mile service is an important maintenance service that should be performed on any vehicle, not just Subarus, once it reaches that milestone in its lifespan. During this service, the mechanic will inspect your vehicle and replace any worn or damaged parts to help keep it running in top condition. This service can also help identify potential issues before they become major problems and can save you time and money in the long run.

Benefits of a 100,000 Mile Service

Regular maintenance services like the 100,000 mile service can have many benefits for your car including improved performance and fuel economy; reduced maintenance costs; increased safety; and longer engine life due to better operating conditions. Improved performance means that your car will accelerate quicker, handle better, and have better overall drivability. Reduced maintenance costs mean that you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs down the road as often since regular maintenance will help keep your car running smoothly for longer periods of time without breaking down as often. Increased safety means that all parts of your vehicle will be inspected by a professional mechanic who can identify any potential issues before they become major problems which could lead to an accident or other serious issue while driving.

Types of Services in a 100,000 Mile Service

The types of services included in a 100,000 mile service depend on what make and model of car you have but usually include engine maintenance services such as checking fluid levels (engine oil type and quantity), spark plug replacement/inspection; brake system maintenance services such as checking brake pads/shoes/fluid (brake fluid type and quantity); suspension system maintenance services such as replacing shocks/struts/ball joints; transmission fluid flush/replacement; tire rotation/replacement; cleaning air filter; inspecting belts/hoses; general inspection of all systems – engine cooling system inspection/repair; exhaust system inspection/repair; climate control systems checkup/repair; battery replacement if necessary; plus many other services depending on make & model.

Common Parts Replaced During a 100,000 Mile Service

During this type of service it’s common for mechanics to replace some parts like spark plugs (which wear out over time), oil filter (to help keep contaminants out of your engine oil), fuel filter (to help keep debris from entering the fuel system). Other common parts replaced during this type of service may include air filters (to help keep dust & dirt out), PCV valve (to reduce emissions), drive belts & hoses (which wear out over time), coolant hoses & clamps (which may crack or corrode over time) depending on make & model along with many others depending on what needs attention at the time of inspection by the mechanic performing the work.

Recommended Fluids for a Subaru Crosstrek

It’s important to use only recommended fluids when servicing your Subaru Crosstrek in order to ensure optimal performance and reliability over time. The recommended fluids are listed in your owner’s manual but generally include engine oil type & quantity along with brake fluid type & quantity which vary depending on model year so check with your local dealership or repair shop for more specific information about what types are best suited for your particular vehicle’s needs based on its age & mileage at the time it needs servicing.

Cost of a 100,000 Mile Service for a Subaru Crosstrek

The cost of a 100,000 mile service for a Subaru Crosstrek can vary widely depending on factors such as labor costs and parts costs, the average prices for different locations, pricing based on vehicle condition, and tips to save money on the service. Labor costs and parts costs can range from $200-$500 depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Average prices for different locations can also vary widely depending on local market conditions. Pricing based on vehicle condition is also important to consider, as some services may be more expensive if the vehicle is in poor condition or has had prior repairs done. Lastly, there are some tips to save money on this service, such as shopping around for the best price or using aftermarket parts instead of OEM replacements.

DIY vs Professional 100,000 Mile Service?

When it comes to considering whether to do a DIY or professional 100,000 mile service for your Subaru Crosstrek, there are some advantages and disadvantages to each option that should be weighed carefully. On one hand, doing it yourself gives you control of the quality of work being done and allows you to save money by not having to pay a mechanic’s labor rate. On the other hand, having an experienced mechanic do the job ensures that it is done correctly and with high quality parts that are designed specifically for your vehicle. Ultimately, it depends on your level of automotive knowledge and experience as well as how much time you have available to dedicate to this project.

If you decide to attempt a DIY 100K service yourself, there are some recommended tools you will need such as an oil filter wrench set, socket set, torque wrench set, and other related items. In addition to these tools it is important that you have access to resources such as repair manuals or online forums so that you can research any questions or issues that arise during the repair process. This will help ensure that you are able to properly diagnose any problems and fix them correctly by following recommended procedures.

Common Problems After A 100,000 Mile Service

Once you have completed your 100K mile service successfully with either professional help or DIY efforts there are still certain common problems that may arise afterward. These issues include excessive vibrations when driving at high speeds; poor acceleration due to worn spark plugs; erratic idling due either fuel system issues or faulty sensors; and poor gas mileage from inefficient fuel delivery systems or dirty air filters. If any of these symptoms occur after your service it is important that they be addressed immediately in order to prevent further damage down the road.

Tips To Maximize The Life Of Your Subaru Crosstrek

In order maximize the life of your Subaru Crosstrek after its 100K mile service there are several steps you should take in order keep it running smoothly for years down the road: follow manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance; use high quality fluids and parts when servicing; avoid extreme driving conditions when possible; perform regular visual inspections on key components; use synthetic oil when possible; check tire pressure regularly; inspect suspension components regularly; rotate tires every 10-20 thousand miles; replace air filters as needed; inspect brake system periodically; check all fluid levels every few months; check coolant levels regularly; change spark plugs every 30-50 thousand miles if applicable; inspect belts periodically etc.. All these small steps taken together will ensure that your car will last longer than expected while also saving you money in long run from potential repairs due lack maintenance care .


It is important take care of your car regularly by following manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance schedule in order get most out its life span without having major repair issues along way due lack proper care . Doing so also helps maintain its value over time which can come in handy if ever decide sell car later down line . A Subaru Crosstrek’s 100K mile service is no different from any other automotive service – taking good care now will help keep costs down later .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Subaru Crosstrek?
A: The Subaru Crosstrek is a crossover SUV that was first introduced in 2012. It is based on the Impreza platform and offers an affordable, reliable, and efficient option for drivers. It has a long list of features such as all-wheel drive, a spacious interior, and impressive fuel economy.

Q: What is a 100,000 Mile Service?
A: A 100,000 mile service is an important preventative maintenance service that should be performed on any vehicle to ensure its continued reliability and performance. This service typically includes an inspection of the vehicle’s components and fluids as well as any necessary repairs or replacements that must be made.

Q: What are the benefits of a 100,000 Mile Service?
A: The benefits of this service include improved performance, reduced maintenance costs, and increased safety. By performing regular maintenance services such as these, drivers can ensure that their vehicles remain reliable and provide them with many years of trouble-free driving.

Q: What are some common parts replaced during a 100,000 Mile Service?
A: Some common parts replaced during this service include spark plugs, oil filter, fuel filter, brake fluid type and quantity as well as engine oil type and quantity. Additionally, other components such as suspension system components can also be inspected and repaired if necessary during this service.

Q: Should I have my 100,000 Mile Service done professionally or do it myself?
A: Whether you choose to have your 100,000 mile service done professionally or do it yourself depends on your level of skill and knowledge when it comes to automotive repair. If you are comfortable with the process and have the necessary tools then doing the job yourself may be your best option. However if you don’t feel confident in your abilities then having it done professionally may be the better choice in order to ensure quality workmanship.

In conclusion, the Subaru Crosstrek 100,000 mile service is a great option for vehicle owners who are looking for an easy and reliable way to keep their car in good condition. The service includes oil and filter changes, spark plug changes, brake inspections and replacements, tire rotation, and more. This service helps ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely while protecting it from potential damage. For those who are looking for an affordable way to maintain their car’s performance and reliability, the 100,000 mile service is a great choice.

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