90K Mile Service for Your Lexus RX 350 – Get it Done Right!

Lexus RX 350 90k service is a routine maintenance service designed to keep your Lexus running at its best. This service includes oil and filter changes, up to 6 quarts of synthetic oil, new front and rear brake pads and rotors, tire rotation and balancing, cabin air filter replacement, full inspection of all fluid levels, battery test and adjustment, spark plug replacement, engine air filter replacement and a multi-point inspection. This service will help keep your Lexus running smoothly for many years to come by ensuring that all of its components are in good working order.

Automobile: Lexus RX 350 90K Service


Having a Lexus RX 350 90K service performed on your vehicle can provide a number of benefits. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps to ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiently, prevents major breakdowns, and can extend the life of the vehicle. By performing this service on your car, you can save money on repair costs in the long run. Additionally, it can also help to improve the performance of your vehicle and increase its fuel efficiency.

Cost Considerations

The cost of a Lexus RX 350 90K service will depend on the type of services that are performed during the appointment. Generally, basic services such as oil changes and tire rotations will cost less than more involved repairs and replacements such as brake system repairs or transmission replacements. It is important to get an estimate from a qualified mechanic before scheduling an appointment so you know what to expect in terms of costs.

Required Maintenance

The required maintenance for a Lexus RX 350 90K service varies depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. Typically, basic services such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid level checks and brake inspections should be performed at least once every 6 months or 6,000 miles whichever comes first. Additionally, more involved services like spark plug replacement or air filter replacement should be done at least once every 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.

Types of Lexus RX 350 Service

There are several types of services that may be included in a Lexus RX 350 90K service appointment including scheduled maintenance, major repairs and replacements, custom services and upgrades. Scheduled maintenance includes basic services such as oil changes and tire rotations which need to be done regularly in order to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Major repairs and replacements are typically more involved procedures such as replacing brakes or transmission components that may require special tools or expertise. Custom services may include upgrades to certain components such as exhaust systems or audio systems which can improve the performance or aesthetic look of your vehicle.

Common Issues Requiring Lexus RX 350 Service and Repair

There are several common issues that may arise during the course of owning a Lexus RX 350 that require service or repair including oil leaks, brake system malfunctions, transmission problems, electrical system issues and coolant leaks. If any of these issues arise it is important to have them addressed immediately by a qualified mechanic in order to prevent further damage from occurring to your car’s engine or other components.

What To Expect During A Lexus RX 350 Service Appointment?

When scheduling an appointment for a Lexus RX 350 90K service it is important to know what to expect during the appointment itself. Generally you will drop off your car at an agreed upon time then wait for it while it is being serviced by qualified mechanics who use specialized tools for each task they perform on your car. They will also communicate with you throughout the process so you know exactly what is being done and when you can expect it back from them when it has been serviced properly.

What Are The Costs Associated With Lexus RX 350 90K Service?
The costs associated with having a Lexus RX 350 90K service performed vary depending on what type of services are needed for your particular vehicle but generally range from around $100-$500 depending on how involved they are with repairs or replacements needed for your vehicle’s particular issue(s). It is important to get an estimate from a qualified mechanic before scheduling an appointment so you know what type of costs you should expect when having this type of work done on your car.

Do It Yourself Lexus RX 350 90K Service Guide

The Lexus RX 350 is a popular luxury SUV, and it requires regular maintenance to keep it running in top condition. To keep your car in peak performance, it should be serviced every 90,000 miles. The service includes changing the engine oil, replacing the oil filter, checking the brakes and suspension along with other minor repairs and maintenance. Doing a Lexus RX 350 90K service yourself can save you money, but it’s important to be familiar with all the steps involved before you start.

First, make sure you have all the necessary supplies including oil, oil filter, brake pads and any other specific parts that your car may require. You should also have a jack and jack stands for when you need to lift up your car. Additionally, if you have any special tools such as a torque wrench or an air compressor for loosening bolts or nuts, these will come in handy during the service as well.

Once you have all your supplies ready to go, make sure to read through your owner’s manual so that you know exactly what needs to be done for each step of the service. Before beginning any work on your vehicle, make sure to use the parking brake and chock the wheels so that there isn’t any risk of movement while you’re working on it.

Start by jacking up your car so that you can access all of its parts. Once elevated off of the ground, start with draining out all of the old engine oil into an appropriate container for disposal. Afterward, use a wrench to loosen up and remove both the oil filter as well as its rubber gasket from their housing location. Make sure to take extra care when doing this as there are many delicate components in this area that could easily be damaged if handled improperly.

After this is done replace both the filter and gasket with new ones before pouring in fresh engine oil into their appropriate place at between four and five quarts depending on your specific model’s capacity. Take time now to check out other fluids such as coolant levels as well as if there are any leaks from either hoses or seals before moving onto checking out brakes and suspension components which may require some additional attention such as bleeding or replacing them if needed.

Tips On Maintaining Your Lexus RX 350 Over Time

Caring for your Lexus RX 350 requires more than just servicing it every 90K miles – regular maintenance throughout its lifespan is essential for keeping it functioning properly for years to come! Here are some tips on maintaining your Lexus RX 350 over time:

1) Regularly check tire pressure – This helps ensure maximum fuel efficiency and safety while driving; always refer to manufacturer’s guidelines when determining how much air should be in each tire.
2) Change engine oil every 5-7 thousand miles – This helps reduce friction within the engine which can lead to lower fuel consumption while also aiding in extending its lifetime; always refer to manufacturer’s guidelines when determining how often this should be done based on type of engine oil used (synthetic vs conventional).
3) Check and replace spark plugs – Spark plugs should be inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage; these need replacing every 30-50 thousand miles depending on type of spark plug used (copper vs platinum).
4) Check brakes regularly – Brake pads should always be inspected for signs of wear or damage; these need replacing every 20-30 thousand miles depending on type of brake pad used (ceramic vs metallic).

Where To Find Replacement Parts For Your Lexus RX 350

When it comes time to replace parts on your Lexus RX 350 like brakes or spark plugs, finding quality replacement parts is important not only for safety reasons but also for maximizing performance from your vehicle over time! Here are some tips on where you can find quality replacement parts:

1) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – Depending on where you live/drive most often purchasing OEM replacement parts from local dealerships can save time since they already know what works best with certain vehicles like yours due to their familiarity with them; these parts typically come at a higher cost though due to their higher quality standards compared other types of aftermarket parts available online/in stores but tend provide best performance overall long term due diligence is taken during installation process itself! 2) Aftermarket – Online retailers like Amazon often offer various types of aftermarket parts at lower costs compared OEM because they aren’t required adhere same strict quality standards; while they may not give same level performance longevity wise they still provide good value especially given their lower cost points making them great options budget conscious buyers looking get most bang buck without sacrificing too much quality overall!

3) Used Parts – Buying used parts online can save even more money than buying new aftermarket ones since they typically come at even lower price points than both OEM & aftermarket counterparts due being previously owned/used; however one must use caution when purchasing these types items since condition may vary greatly between different sellers/parts so always double check reviews/descriptions before making final purchase decisions!

Benefits Of Regularly Scheduled Maintenance For Your Lexus RX 350

Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential for ensuring maximum performance from your vehicle over time! Some benefits include:

1) Improved fuel economy – By regularly changing engine oils & filters along with other fluids like coolant & brake fluid one can help improve overall fuel efficiency which translates into savings each time fill tank up!

2) Reduced emissions & improved air quality – Regularly servicing vehicle not only helps reduce emissions output but also helps improve air quality surrounding areas well since fewer pollutants entering atmosphere per each trip made by car itself thus contributing healthier environment overall!

3) Increased safety – By inspecting brakes & suspension components along with inspecting tires pressure levels one can help ensure their car remains safe drive thus avoiding potential accidents caused by worn down/poorly maintained components being left unchecked over extended periods usage time!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Lexus RX 350 90K Service?
A: A Lexus RX 350 90K Service is a scheduled service and maintenance appointment to ensure that your vehicle is operating at its optimal performance level. This service includes an overall inspection, oil change, tire rotation, fluid and filter changes, and any necessary repairs or replacements.

Q: What types of services are done during a Lexus RX 350 90K Service?
A: During a Lexus RX 350 90K Service appointment, the mechanic will inspect all components of the vehicle including brakes, transmission, electrical systems, coolant levels, and oil levels. The mechanic may also perform recommended maintenance such as tire rotations or filter changes as well as any necessary repairs or replacements.

Q: What should I expect during my Lexus RX 350 90K Service appointment?
A: During your Lexus RX 350 90K Service appointment you can expect to drop off your car at the designated time and be kept updated on the progress of the service by the mechanic. After the service is completed the mechanic will contact you to pick up your car.

Q: What are the costs associated with a Lexus RX 350 90K Service?
A: The cost associated with a Lexus RX 350 90K Service depends on what type of services are being performed and what parts may need to be replaced. Generally speaking, it is best to consult an experienced mechanic in order to get an accurate estimate for what the cost of your service will be.

Q: How can I find a qualified mechanic to perform my Lexus RX 350 90K Service?
A: In order to find a qualified mechanic for your Lexus RX 350 90K Service it is best to do some research online or ask for personal recommendations from friends or family who have had their vehicles serviced recently. You can also check consumer reviews from sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List in order to find a reputable shop that specializes in servicing luxury vehicles like yours.

In conclusion, the Lexus RX 350 90k service is a great option for anyone looking for a dependable and reliable luxury vehicle. The service includes all the necessary maintenance and inspections to keep your vehicle running in peak condition, as well as a few extra services that can help you maintain your car’s value. The cost of the service may seem expensive at first, but it is worth it in the long run to ensure that your car is running smoothly and safely.

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