Hyundai Window Regulator Recall: Everything You Need to Know

Hyundai Motor Company has issued a window regulator recall for several of its vehicles. This recall affects a number of vehicles including the Santa Fe, Sonata, Tucson, Elantra, and Accent models. The recall is due to a defect in the power window regulators that can cause the windows to become stuck in the closed position. Owners of affected vehicles will receive notification from Hyundai and should take their vehicle to an authorized Hyundai dealership for repair. The dealership will inspect the window regulator and replace it if necessary, free of charge. Hyundai recommends that owners continue to use their vehicle as normal until they receive notification from them or their dealership.

Automobile: Hyundai Window Regulator Recall

What is Window Regulator Recall?

A window regulator recall is an official recall issued by an automobile manufacturer to address a potential safety or performance issue with a particular part in their vehicles. In this case, the part being recalled is the window regulator, which is responsible for controlling the movement of the vehicle’s window glass. The recall was issued by Hyundai due to an issue with the window regulators in certain models that could lead to them failing and possibly causing injury or property damage.

Who is Affected by the Recall?

The recall affects certain models of Hyundai vehicles manufactured between 2012 and 2018, including the Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe Sport, and Santa Fe. Owners of these vehicles are urged to check their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on Hyundai’s website to see if their vehicle is affected by the recall.

What are the Potential Risks?

The potential risks associated with a faulty window regulator include possible injury or property damage due to a malfunctioning window glass that can be difficult to control and sudden movements while being operated. In some cases, this could lead to broken glass or even ejection of an occupant from the vehicle if not addressed soon enough.

What are the Symptoms of Window Regulator Failure?

One of the most common symptoms associated with a faulty window regulator is difficulty in opening and closing the vehicle’s windows. The windows may move unexpectedly or may be difficult to control when attempting to open or close them. Another symptom is excessive noise coming from the area around the window when it’s moving up or down.

How to Fix The Problem?

If your vehicle has been affected by this recall, it’s important that you get it fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent any further risks associated with a faulty window regulator. To do this, you should contact your nearest Hyundai dealership and schedule an appointment for inspection and repair of your vehicle’s window regulator, at no cost. If you need assistance locating your nearest dealership, you can use Hyundai’s website for help finding one near you.


Automobiles are an essential part of modern life, providing convenient and efficient transportation. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small compacts to family sedans to luxurious SUVs. One of the most popular automotive brands is Hyundai, which has been manufacturing cars since 1967. Recently, Hyundai has been forced to recall certain models due to a window regulator defect that can cause the window to detach from the car. This article will provide an overview of the affected models and discuss the cost of replacement parts for window regulators in recalled models of Hyundai cars.

Hyundai Window Regulator Recall

In December 2019, Hyundai issued a recall for certain 2006-2010 model year vehicles due to a defect in the window regulator that could cause the window to detach from the vehicle while driving. The affected models include the 2006-2008 Sonata, 2007-2009 Elantra, 2006 Azera, and 2006 Santa Fe. Hyundai is offering a free repair for affected vehicles at authorized dealerships.

Replacement of Defective Parts in Hyundai Window Regulator Recall

The cost of replacing defective parts in recalled models of Hyundai cars will depend on several factors such as the type of car and age of the vehicle. Generally speaking, replacing a defective window regulator should cost around $500-$1,000 depending on labor costs at your local dealership or repair shop. This cost may be covered by warranty if your vehicle is still under warranty or if you purchased an extended warranty when purchasing your vehicle.

It is important to note that this recall only affects certain model years and not all vehicles manufactured by Hyundai are affected by this issue. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your vehicle is affected by this recall, it is best to contact your local dealership or repair shop for more information before attempting any repairs yourself.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Window Regulator Recall?
A: The window regulator recall is a safety recall issued by Hyundai Motor Company in 2011 for certain models of Hyundai cars. The recall was prompted by reports of defective window regulators in vehicles that could cause the windows to unexpectedly open or close.

Q: Who is Affected by the Recall?
A: The window regulator recall affects several models of Hyundai cars, including the Sonata from 2006-2010, the Elantra from 2007-2010, the Azera from 2006 and the Santa Fe from 2006.

Q: What are the Potential Risks?
A: The potential risks from a defective window regulator include injury or even death if an occupant were to become entrapped in a closing window. It could also lead to property damage if a window were to suddenly open and allow rain inside the vehicle.

Q: What are the Symptoms of Window Regulator Failure?
A: Some of the symptoms of window regulator failure include difficulty rolling up or down a car window, loud grinding noises while using the power windows, or windows that unexpectedly open or close on their own.

Q: How to Fix the Problem?
A: To fix the problem caused by a defective window regulator, affected vehicles must be taken to an authorized Hyundai dealership where they will replace any faulty parts with new ones at no cost to the owner.

In conclusion, the Hyundai window regulator recall is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It is important for Hyundai owners to be aware of the recall and to get their vehicles inspected and serviced if necessary. The safety of drivers and passengers is a priority, so it’s essential that Hyundai owners take this recall seriously. Additionally, it’s important for all drivers to be aware of recalls for their vehicles so they can stay safe on the road.

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