What is the Cost of Changing the Transmission Fluid of a Ford Explorer?

The cost of a Ford Explorer transmission fluid change can vary and depends on several factors, including the type of fluid used and labor costs. Generally, the cost will range between $150 and $400. The cost may also vary depending on if you are changing the filter or the entire transmission fluid pan. Additional costs may include shop fees such as taxes, environmental fees, and disposal fees for old parts or fluids. It is recommended to have your transmission fluid changed every 50,000 miles or once every two years to ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle.

Automobile: Ford Explorer Transmission Fluid Change Cost

Types of Fluids

The type of fluid necessary for your Ford Explorer will depend on the year and model, as well as the transmission type. Automatic transmissions require fluid to circulate through the system and keep it running smoothly. Most vehicles use either a Dexron III or Mercon V transmission fluid, but you should consult your owner’s manual to be sure. Manual transmissions use either a gear oil or a synthetic oil designed specifically for manual transmissions. Gear oil will provide better protection for high-mileage vehicles, while synthetic oil may provide better performance in newer models.

Average Cost of a Transmission Fluid Change

The average cost of a transmission fluid change can vary greatly depending on the vehicle, type of transmission, and type of fluid used. A basic transmission service that includes draining the old fluid, replacing the filter and refill with new fluid can start at around $150 for an automatic transmission and up to $250 for some manual types. The cost can be higher if any additional components such as gaskets or seals need to be replaced or if more complex work is required such as flushing out the system before replacing the fluid.

Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of a transmission fluid change can be affected by several factors including labor costs, parts costs, and any additional services that may be recommended by your mechanic. Labor costs are generally determined by how long it takes to complete the job; parts costs will vary depending on what type of fluids and filters are being used; and additional services such as flushing out the system can add to the overall cost. Additionally, some mechanics may charge extra fees for disposing of old fluids which could add to your bill.

DIY Options

If you’re looking to save money on your Ford Explorer’s transmission service, you may consider doing it yourself. Many auto parts stores sell do-it-yourself kits that include all necessary supplies including fluids, filters and gaskets as well as detailed instructions on how to complete the job safely and correctly. It is important to remember that this option does come with certain risks involved so make sure you read all instructions carefully before starting any work on your vehicle’s transmission system.

Benefits of Changing The Transmission Fluid in a Ford Explorer

Changing your Ford Explorer’s transmission fluid will help keep it running smoothly while improving its performance overall. A clean transmission with fresh fluids helps maintain efficient shifting between gears while reducing wear and tear on vital components inside the system which could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Additionally, regularly changing your vehicle’s fluids helps increase fuel efficiency since clean fluids allow gears to shift faster without expending too much energy while driving.


The automobile has been an integral part of modern life since the early 20th century. It has allowed us to travel long distances quickly and conveniently, providing us with greater freedom and mobility than ever before. However, owning a car also means regular maintenance and upkeep. One of the most important aspects of car maintenance is changing the transmission fluid in your Ford Explorer. Changing the oil in your transmission can have a number of benefits, including increased longevity, reduced maintenance costs, and improved fuel efficiency. In this article, we will discuss how to change the transmission fluid in a Ford Explorer and why it is important to do so.

Preparation for Changing the Fluid

Before you start changing your Ford Explorer’s transmission fluid, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that everything goes smoothly. First, make sure that you have all the necessary tools on hand such as a ratchet set, sockets and wrenches, transmission fluid drain pan, funnel and gloves. You should also ensure that your car is parked on level ground so that draining and filling are easier tasks. Finally, make sure that you have the right type of transmission fluid for your vehicle; consult your owner’s manual or look up online what type of fluid is recommended by Ford for your model of Explorer.

Draining and Refilling the Fluid

Once you have all the necessary tools ready it is time to start draining and refilling your Ford Explorer’s transmission fluid. To begin with locate the transmission drain plug which can be found under your vehicle near its centerline or at its rear end depending on which model year you own. Unscrewing it will allow you to drain out all the old fluid from your vehicle’s system into an appropriate container such as a drain pan or bucket. Once all the old fluid has been drained out use a funnel to fill up the new fluid into your vehicle’s system following instructions carefully from owners manual for how much fluid should be added back into system. After adding new fluid securely tighten up drain plug again before taking car for test drive to ensure everything works properly as expected before taking car out on roads again for regular use .

Changing your Ford Explorer’s transmission fluid regularly is essential if you want to keep it running smoothly and efficiently over time. It can help increase its longevity while also reducing maintenance costs and improving fuel efficiency – making it worth investing in this simple but important maintenance task!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What types of fluids are used in a Ford Explorer transmission?
A: The type of fluid used in a Ford Explorer transmission is typically either Mercon V or Mercon LV. Mercon V is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid and Mercon LV is a semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

Q: What is the average cost of changing the transmission fluid in a Ford Explorer?
A: The average cost for changing the transmission fluid in a Ford Explorer can range from $90 to $250 depending on factors such as labor costs, type of fluid used, and location.

Q: What are the benefits of changing the transmission fluid in a Ford Explorer?
A: Changing the transmission fluid in your Ford Explorer has several benefits. These include improved performance, increased longevity, reduced maintenance costs, and improved fuel efficiency.

Q: What factors affect the cost of changing the transmission fluid in a Ford Explorer?
A: Factors that affect the cost of changing the transmission fluid in your Ford Explorer include labor costs, type of fluid used, and location.

Q: Is it possible to change the transmission fluid yourself on a Ford Explorer?
A: Yes, it is possible to change your own transmission fluid on a Ford Explorer if you have some mechanical knowledge and access to the necessary tools and materials. However, it is important to seek professional advice before attempting this task as incorrect maintenance or installation may cause damage to your vehicle.

In conclusion, the cost of a Ford Explorer transmission fluid change is relatively affordable. Depending on the type of fluid used, the cost can range from $50-$150. It is important to be aware of the type of fluid that your vehicle requires as this will affect the cost. Additionally, it may be beneficial to consult with a qualified mechanic or dealership when performing a transmission fluid change in order to ensure that the job is done properly and safely.

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