Solving the P0720 Code in Your Dodge Ram 1500

p0720 Dodge Ram 1500 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that indicates a fault in the transmission speed sensor circuit. This code is stored when the powertrain control module (PCM) detects an incorrect signal from the transmission speed sensor or when the PCM is not receiving any signal from the transmission speed sensor. The transmission speed sensor measures the rotational speed of the transmission’s output shaft and sends this information to the PCM. If the PCM detects an incorrect signal or no signal at all, it will store p0720 and turn on the Check Engine light. The most common causes of this code are faulty wiring, a faulty transmission speed sensor, and internal issues with the transmission itself.

How the P0720 Code Affects the Dodge Ram 1500

The P0720 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for the Dodge Ram 1500. This code indicates that there is an issue with the vehicle’s speedometer and transmission. When this code is present, it can cause various engine performance issues, and the check engine light may be illuminated.


When the P0720 code is present on a Dodge Ram 1500, it can cause several performance issues. The most common symptom of this code is that the speedometer will not function properly or at all. The vehicle’s transmission may also shift erratically or refuse to shift at all. Other symptoms may include decreased fuel economy, difficulty accelerating, and a decrease in power output from the engine.


There are several potential causes for the P0720 code on a Dodge Ram 1500. The most common cause of this code is a faulty wiring harness or electrical connection between the transmission and speedometer. This can be caused by loose or corroded connectors or by broken wires in the wiring harness. Other potential causes may include a faulty speed sensor, low transmission fluid levels, or an issue with the transmission control module (TCM).

Repair Solutions

The best way to repair a P0720 code on a Dodge Ram 1500 is to start by checking all electrical connections related to the transmission and speedometer for any signs of damage or corrosion. If any are found, they should be replaced as soon as possible. It is also important to check the fluid levels in both the transmission and differential and top them off if needed. Finally, if all else fails, it may be necessary to replace either the speed sensor or TCM depending on what other codes have been detected during diagnostics scans.

Automobile: P0720 Dodge Ram 1500

The P0720 code is a generic diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that is typically associated with the transmission in a Dodge Ram 1500. This code indicates an issue with the gear ratio being incorrect or a malfunction with the input or output speed sensors. It can be caused by faulty wiring, defective parts, or other issues related to the transmission control module. Diagnosing this code can be tricky and it’s important to understand the common causes and how to properly diagnose it before attempting any repairs.

What Is A P0720 Code?

A P0720 code is a generic OBD-II trouble code that relates to the transmission in a Dodge Ram 1500. It indicates an issue with the gear ratio being incorrect, or that there is an issue with either the input or output speed sensors. In most cases, this code will be accompanied by other codes related to transmission issues such as slipping gears, fluid pressure problems, and torque converter problems.

Symptoms of a P0720 Code

When this code is stored, there will usually be several symptoms that accompany it including:
• The Check Engine Light illuminating on the dash
• Erratic shifting of gears
• Poor acceleration
• A feeling of hesitation when accelerating from a stop
• Vehicle may not move at all when put in gear
• Gear shifts may be delayed or may not occur at all

If any of these symptoms are present, then it’s likely that there is an issue with the transmission and the P0720 code should be addressed as soon as possible.

Common Causes of The P0720 Code in A Dodge Ram 1500

The common causes of this code include:
• Faulty Speed Sensor – This sensor is responsible for monitoring wheel speed and if it fails then it can cause incorrect gear ratios and triggers this code. It should be checked for proper operation before replacing any parts.
• Wiring Issues – Poor wiring connections or damaged wiring can also cause this code to be stored. All wiring related to the transmission should be inspected for signs of damage before attempting any repairs.
• Defective Transmission Control Module – The TCM (transmission control module) can also fail which will cause this code to be stored in memory. If it has failed then it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Diagnosing A P0720 Code In A Dodge Ram 1500

In order to properly diagnose this code, you will need access to an OBD-II scanner that is capable of reading generic trouble codes and live data from your vehicle’s computer system. Once connected, you will need to perform some basic tests such as checking for loose connections and inspecting wiring for signs of damage before proceeding further with diagnostics. You should also check all fluid levels and inspect hoses for signs of leaks before proceeding further with diagnostics as well. Once these basic checks have been completed, you can then move on to more advanced tests such as using an oscilloscope or manually testing components such as solenoids and sensors if necessary. Depending on what type of fault has been found during diagnostics, you may need special tools such as a flow meter or pressure gauge in order to test certain components more accurately so make sure you have these on hand before beginning your diagnosis process.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a P0720 code in a Dodge Ram 1500?
A: A P0720 code is an OBD-II diagnostic trouble code that indicates a failure of the transmission output speed sensor. It is associated with the vehicle’s transmission system and can affect the engine performance.

Q: What are the symptoms of a P0720 code in a Dodge Ram 1500?
A: The most common symptoms of a P0720 code include engine performance issues, check engine light illumination, and malfunction indicator light illumination.

Q: What are some common causes of a P0720 code in a Dodge Ram 1500?
A: Some common causes of a P0720 code in a Dodge Ram 1500 include faulty speed sensor, wiring issues, and defective transmission control module.

Q: How can I diagnose a P0720 code in my Dodge Ram 1500?
A: The best way to diagnose a P0720 code in your Dodge Ram 1500 is by using its on-board diagnostic system. This system can detect problems with your vehicle’s transmission system as well as other components and provide you with detailed error codes that can help you identify the issue quickly and accurately.

Q: What repair solutions are there for fixing my Dodge Ram 1500’s P0720 code?
A: The repair solutions for fixing your Dodge Ram 1500’s P0720 code will depend on what caused it to occur in the first place. Common solutions include replacing faulty components such as the speed sensor, wiring repairs, or replacing the transmission control module.

In conclusion, the Dodge Ram 1500 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful vehicle. It has excellent performance, great fuel economy, and a comfortable interior making it a great choice for daily commuting or taking on outdoor adventures. With its extensive list of features, the Ram 1500 is sure to exceed its driver’s expectations.

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